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Una Unique Rafting | Beauty of B&H Through The Eyes of Izet Sijamhodžić
Beauty of B&H Through The Eyes of Izet Sijamhodžić
protected_1396473574357768667.jpg Artist and photographer Izet Sijamhodžić from Bihać has been involved in photogrpaphy for a number of years. He had a love for photography from an early age, and his main motive is the natural beauty of B&H. He promotes to the world his city Bihać, the River Una and B&H through his photographs.

Two years ago, Izet arrived at the idea to make a profile page on Facebook and share his work with the entire world, and especially with Bosnian and Herzegovinians abroad. In this way, he wanted to allevniate their nostalgia for their homeland, and also to show everyone in the world the natural beauty and everything that could attract tourists to B&H.

In a short period, the Facebook site has exceeded all expectations, and now up to two million people visits the Facebook page A.T.O. Photography.

‘’One thousand and three hundred people in the world, including members of the royal family, are members of the site. I work until 5 AM every night for the past two years. I wake up around 9-10 and I am already on my bicycle and looking for new motives for photography. This is not a problem, because our country is filled with natural beauty. The site has about 100.00 images of various parts of B&H, and around 500 video clips. Ever day, my work is recognized by many people from different counties. I am proud of this fact because my goal is to attract as many tourists as possible in B&H through my photography’’, said Izet.

In addition to photography, Izet fights for environmental protection through Protection of Environment and Nature B&H. His wish is for clean B&H cities and rivers. He notes that B&H has all the predispositions to attract millions of tourists a year, but this can only be achieved with joint efforts. Through his photographs, Izet received the position as the American Ambassador for Europe in terms of the exchange of information on Auto Moto Sport and others.

‘’Two years ago I received an offer to go to the USA as an official photographer for WJRL Company. Today I work as a member of the Central Committee of the same in New York. I am the official photographer of that company and the Ambassador of the same one in Europe. The Director of the company, George Foreman, helped me a lot with this’’, said Izet.

Last year, Izet was nominated for a plaque as an honorary citizen of Bihać. The result of his work is visible based on the number of tourists who visit the city on the Una. More than 10 percent of them have personally contacted Izet to request his help regarding accommodation, and the arrival to the Una-Sana Canton. Actors from a theatre in Rio de Janeiro recently contacted him, and they wish to visit Bihać in the spring.

Because of his dedicated work, many countries in the world know about his photographs and the beauty of B&H. In the future, when finances allow it, he will make an exhibition of his works, because in life nothing is impossible when you really want to do something.

Izet Sijamhodžić’s photographs can be found on the site: http://www.atophotography.org/ and on the FB page – https://www.facebook.com/atophotography?fref=ts.
datum: 02.04.2014.
izvor: www.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.sarajevo
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