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Rafting club UNA UNIQUE is located on the tenth kilometer upstream from Bihać in one of the most attractive destinations in the USK.

"Una Unique" disposes with two weekend houses for vacation, of which one is a log cabin- weekend house, with house on stilts and with one view point, adequate space for a picnic and recreation, camp and parking. Our center is located right on the border of the National Park "Una" and one of the most beautiful waterfalls (cascades) known as "dvoslap."

That we thought about every last detail stems from the fact that the RC "Una Unique" is also the output unit of the most attractive stage Štrbački buk - Lohovo which means that we saved one to two hours of your valuable time. Respectively there is no waiting for the transport to the camp, yet you are right after the adventure immediately there in the campsite. As for the food, we offer only the local delicacies.

Our recommendation is to come out of the hot city walls, to enjoy in the adventures which we are offering, to enjoy in our natural resources and to try our traditional Bosnian cuisine because we conduct with our dear saying: NO INDUSTRY ONLY NATURE!!!

We are a team of adventurers consisting of former and current kayakers and rafters on the wild waters of which some are former participants in the Olympics and World Rafting Championships. Behind us is 12 years of practicing rafting and other water activities. Our team consists of highly qualified (licensed) skippers who will your every idea turn into an adventure. If you want to learn more about our team, visit the following link.