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Bihać is located in the north-west of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Bihać is the capital of the Una-Sana Canton. Surface area of the municipality is approximately 900 km ². Relief of Bihać municipality forms the fields, hills and middle lands. The climate is moderate continental, summers are long and dry, and winters are cold and abound in rainfall. The warmest months are July and August, when temperatures often reaches 40 ° C. The coldest is in December and January, when the temperature falls down to -25 ° C. River Una flows through Bihać and divides it into two parts. Bihać is shown in the following picture.

Distance of Bihać from larger centers:
Bihać - Zagreb distance is 150 kilometers, or approximately 2 hours drive.
Bihać - Sarajevo distance is 320 kilometers, or approximately 4 h 30 minutes drive.
Bihać - Banja Luka distance is 105 kilometers, or approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes drive.
Bihać - Plitvička Jezera distance is 30 km, or about 30 minutes drive.
Because of the transit position, traffic through Bihać is very frequent. Every day goes by several bus lines from Zagreb, Sarajevo and other important cities of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia. The nearest airport is the one in Zagreb, which is away 170 kilometers or 2 hours and 15 minutes drive. Map of Bihać and accommodation of our rafting center is shown in the following picture.