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Publication National Park Una was created as part of the activities defined within the Agreement about the cooperation between the two national parks NP-Una and NP-Plitvice.

The agreement was initiated as a joint desire and need of all stakeholders, from local and public authorities across the international community and organizations, within the project of the "Environment for the population of Dinaric Arc" and the same was signed in September 2011. The project "Environment for the population of the Dinaric Arc" is being implemented since 2009 in partnership with three organizations: IUCN, WWFMedPO and SNW which are providing support to crucial stakeholders to establish cross-border cooperation in the areas which are protected or have the potential to be protected. The project was financed by the Finnish government. Maps of the National Park and his top destinations are shown in the following pictures.
Štrbački Buk - Lohovo
Štrbački buk is the grand waterfall formed by the river Una immediately somewhere from Kulen Vakuf. On this part Una forms the border between Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Republic of Croatia. Here begin the famous Una regattas in a rafting to Bihac.
Martin Brod
Martin Brod is located at the border of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Croatian Republic, at the confluence of two rivers, of the Una and the right tributary Unac. Apart from two beautiful rivers, which are valid for one of the cleanest in Europe, Martin Brod is known for its medieval monastery Rman.
Kulen Vakuf
Kulen Vakuf is small beautiful town, away from Bihac about 40 kilometers. Kulen Vakuf is on the left and right bank of the river Una, while around him rise two medieval town, Ostrovica on its western side and Havala on the east. Kulen Vakuf possesses beauties which every year attracts many visitors, fishermen, hikers and others.