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Apart from the above mentioned you have the opportunity to find yourself in some of the following adventures:
Photo safari
Team building
Visit to war zones of Bihać
NP "Una"
NP "Plitvička jezera"
Sports and recreational fishing represents a leisure activity for nature lovers, and tourists who visit our Una and Unac enjoy fishing with flies that is fly fishing. At certain parts there are organized Fishing areas, namely:
2 grounds for fly fishing on Una and Unac
2 grounds for fishing spinning method (so-called Blinker and moth)
1 combined district on the Una
We have to also mention the two special districts that tourists from all over Europe like to visit and many anglers from the region such as:
The district Martin Brod - Kulen Vakuf in length of 12 km
The district Bjelila-LOSKUN in length of 3.5 km (which is special for lovers of fly fishing)
Fishing area Ćelije - Klis, in length of 12.5 km and fishing area Dvoslap in length of 5.7 kilometers are designed for fans of fishing by method of spinning with artificial bait (blinker and moth) and fishing with a water ball.
Apart from the above mentioned there is a combined district 1A "Palučci" in length of 3 km where fly-fishing is allowed and the method of using water ball and 3 dry flies (fishing in this district is in the period from 15.05. till 30.09.).
In these districts the most represented species are: brown trout (Salmo trutta) which is being hunted in the period from 01.03. to 30.09. and grayling (Thymallus Thymallus) which is being hunted in the period from 01.05. to 30.09.